My name is Robert Thompson and let's be honest, this is a crappy little site. I created it around four
    or five years ago and at that time I had some pretty lofty goals for it. However now?...not so much,
    as a matter of fact, I don't much care to update or fiddle with it. It's now merely a place where I
    can throw up a trailer to something I'm working on or a short I shot or a place to buy a dvd if you are
    interested. So, it is what it is at this point...thanks for stopping by and there is a bit more garbage
    to read below.
                    I was born in Montana (more years ago than I would care to admit), grew up in NE
Michigan and currently reside in the south loop of Chicago with my wife Deb and our dog Misa.
(unfortunately Misa is no longer with us physically, but will forever be with us in spirit...RIP)

If i'm not fishing chances are you can find me at the local rink. I've been  playing hockey since I was
five. I still play in a couple leagues and coach in the winter months. My other interests include music,
guitars and snow skiing.

Feel free to drop me a note and let me know what you think...