Happy New Year folks!

 As per usual i'm a little tardy with updates around
  this joint but maybe someday i'll completely
  warm up to this idea of social media...actually,
  I hope I don't!

   Anyway, hope you all had a great x-mas and here's
   to bigger and better things in 2015.

     If you haven't checked it out,
Heart of the Driftless
     is now available as a download. It's actually a little
     earlier than i wanted but I screwed up when I uploaded
      the teaser video and then accidentally made the On Demand page live
     By then the cat was out of the bag so I left it...

    I cut together a bunch of extras from some of the old
   footage as well as some new stuff I shot this past
   September. Check it out if your interested...
 HOTD On Demand

  I also posted up a short fishing version of another
  project i'm still working on. It's called
"Cousin Joe"
 and is a behind the scenes look at novice singer/
 songwriter and his band recording their second record
in a couple cabins on the banks of a NW Michigan
river. I'm still working on the long version and will be
for quite some time. It will eventually be released as a dvd companion
to the eventual cd release of the record. If you haven't seen it, hit the
link below...

  Cousin Joe

              The Steelhead project is for the most part on hiatus for the next couple
               months though i probably will shoot a little in Michigan if the weather
               cooperates for us...but we'll see how that shakes out, or not.

               I did zip out to WNY in mid December hoping to get some winter footage.
              I would say the trip was mildly successful, I got a fair amount of footage...and
              actually some very nice looking footage, just not a lot with fish in it.

              It isn't the first time and certainly won't be the last...especially when your
              dealing with something like steelhead. The project will resume in earnest
              in March/April.    

     If perhaps your reading this and you live out in
            the Chicagoland burbs...specifically Oak Brook

              I've been asked to give a little song and dance
           routine for the OB TU chapter on Jan 21st.

I'll be speaking and showing clips that will cover The River, Cousin Joe and if
can get around to it...i plan to cobble together some footage from the
steelhead project and sneak peak a little of that as well. You can get more info
at the Oak Brook TU website.

And as always...a HUGE thanks to all of you who purchased
The River, or any of the older titles. Honestly, can't thank you enough!
Funding for these kind of projects is tough to come by so in reality
they are funded through the sales of dvd's.

Night of the Hex helped fund Musky Country, both of those helped
fund Heart of the Driftless, those three then helped finance The River
                        and now those four titles are propping up the steelhead
                        project...or as we're calling it
"Spey Daze"

                And I would be remiss if I didn't also thank the fly shops through out the  
Midwest who are stocking The River...and some of my other titles. Stop by
 and throw them a little support if you get a chance...

                    Pere Marquette River Lodge (Baldwin, MI)
                       Gates Lodge (Grayling, MI)
                       Schultz Outfitters (Ypsilanti, MI)
                       Old AuSable (Grayling, MI)
                      Fullers NBOC (Lovells, MI)
                      Three Forks Outfitters (Midland, MI)
                      AuSable Anglers (Mio, MI)    
                    Nomad Anglers (Lansing/Grand Rapids, MI)
                      RW Summers Rods (Traverse City, MI)
                      Lunds Fly Shop (River Falls, WI)
                          Driftless Fly Fishing Company (Preston, MN)     
                     Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters       
                     Flymart (Canada)

The above isn't all inclusive, these are the shops dealing directly
 with me. There could be more shops in the Midwest that are stocking
the dvd but are purchasing through my distributors.