Finally a break in the weather? It hasn't been a snowy
one here in the big city but it has been a COLD one!

I said to a friend this past weekend as I was once
again behind the camera shooting Spey Daze...
 "I'm tired of shooting in the cold!" but i suppose that's
 steelhead fishing.

  Anyway, that project continues to roll on. I dropped a
  teaser a month or so ago and so far feedback has been
   very good. Which is nice considering that it's just
   a teaser mash of some of the footage shot so far.

    I dare say the final piece will be significantly different.
    I hope there will be ample fishing scenes but equally important will be the
     environmental/conservation angle. I will be spending no shortage
    of time w/ members of both the DNR & scientific
   communities discussing past, present & future
   issues the Great Lakes have and will deal with.

   But in the here and now, shooting this spring has
  been tough, at least as far as swing up fish goes.

  If I was doing a piece on the egg bite it would be
 a breeze...but again, swinging them up has
 been tough to non-existent. I'm back at it this
weekend in Michigan and hopefully with this slight
warm up headed our way maybe this will change the
disposition of the steelhead...let's hope so!

So that's the poop with Spey Daze up to this point...

I'm currently working on the "Summers" download and hope
to have that ready to go by the end of April. I've spent
the past few evenings sifting through the footage and
coming up with extra features.

             It looks as though the total content time will be just under an hour...so a bit
             more to watch then the original run time of Summers which was just under
             a half hour. I'll probably price it in the $8 range so as not to break the bank!

             Anyway, look for that in the next couple weeks...

             Beyond that I should probably give a shout out to a couple new sponsors
             for Spey Daze...Simms, Costa & Scott rods...and hopefully more to come.
             These things are surprisingly expensive to make so
             sponsorship/under writing is pretty important to the process...especially on
             a project like Spey Daze that will stretch a couple years to complete. Many,
            many thousands of dollars will be spent to get this thing out to the public.

      So again, thanks to the above sponsors as well as Orvis.

            The Costa folks seem pretty excited about the
            project and there may be a few interesting
            things happening once it's released...we'll see.

If all goes well I'll complete shooting in Nov/Dec of this year and hopefully
have a dvd ready to go by early fall of 2016...that's the plan anyway.

I plan on heading up to our camp for the Michigan opener...and who knows,
I may even get to fish a day or two myself...go figure!.

More soon...