Just a quick note to say the cool kids at work think
I need to be on Instagram...because as they say,
 "Dude...Facebook is dead"

 I'm not big on this social media thing...and i can barely
  deal with Facebook...but I guess now i'm on
  Instagram or so i think!


    As I continue to shoot "Summer Haze" this season
    i'll try and pop off a pic or two as I go along...


    Happy 2018 good people, i'm a little late to the table
    but better late then never.

   I completed shooting the first lap of Summer Haze
  in early fall of 2017 and just recently threw together
 a little "teaser" from some of the footage i shot along
 the way.

  You can find it on the video page.

   I start shooting again probably around mid May then
   it's going to be hard and heavy through about mid

    If all goes well i'll have a "proper" trailer ready to go
    sometime this winter and a full dvd/download release
    hopefully in early spring of 2019.


                  Just in time for the holidays, Spey Daze will available
                   for $30 shipped ($10 off) until Jan 2nd then it will go
                   back to it's original price of $40 shipped.

                     Also, i just came into possession of a small quantity
                    of The River dvd's...and I do mean a small quantity.

                     I'm not selling them but you can find them at both
                    Gates Lodge and Old AuSable fly shops in Michigan,
                    or online at CameraBooks.

              Stay tuned...or check in with the facebook
           page from time to time for more updated content.

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