I'm not sure if I could have picked two worse years
to shoot a steel head movie. Nothing is easy with
 me. Last year all I heard about was how good the
 run was the year before but I wasn't to worried
  because I knew I would be shooting the fall/winter
  run again this year...and hey, it can't get any worse!


    If the first month or so of shooting is any indicator...
    it might be. Good grief...I need to catch a break.

     The first three trips of the year were all in Ontario,
     two on the eastern side and one up to the north
     shore of Superior.

     Both of the eastern trips where marginally successful
     while the north shore trip was pretty much a
    bust...dissapointing to say the least.

   Am I getting enough material to use?...yes, and
   just barely at least as far as fishing footage goes.
  When you shoot a project like this, options are good
  and at this rate, mine are few so I have no choice
  but to use the footage i have, for better or worse.

 Spey Daze at this point is far and away the toughest
project of all the fly fishing dvd's i've done...and i'm
guessing it's not going to get any easier.

I'm due to leave for "steel head alley" a week from today and the word
i'm getting is they desperately need water and while there is a little in
forecast, i'm not sure how much it is going to help. So who
knows how that one will go.

I'm also going to re-visit a couple trips I did last spring, this spring again...hoping for  
           a better outcome. Then if all goes well, I'm still hoping for a release sometime
              between late fall and late winter of 2016.

              I will release Spey Daze on dvd but it might be a short limited run and it might
              only be a standard dvd, i'm still on the fence about Bluray. Based on what I
               was told about BluRay prior to the release of The River I was half expecting
               to be sitting on a ton of inventory, but I was pleasantly surprised and in fact
              the Bluray version sold just fine...however, it's twice the cost to manufacture
              and you actually make less per unit if you try to keep the dvd at a reasonable
              price point. So point being, there is a significant (and additional) up front cost
              to Bluray...so well see.

             But point being, I like a physical copy of a product...be it a record, CD, tape,  
          dvd whatever. I'm not really into this "download" world that we now
 live in...but i've accepted it. Now having said that...
           the download option for all my dvd's is SO
             much easier to deal with...no packing, no printing
             no shipping, no post office etc etc.

I simply pay a couple hundred bucks a year and I can have as many VOD titles, as I
want. So unfortunately it might be time to get out of the dvd selling biz...

I'm running pretty low on most if not all of my titles so i would venture to say
once those are gone, they are gone and the dvd's will go out of print.

If I was to put a time line on it I wouldn't be surprised if The River &
Musky Country aren't out of print with in 3 to 6 months...if not much

And to expedite things...probably sooner than later, i'm going to
further reduce the price of Z2H and HOTD...so keep an eye out for