Not much to report in the way of an update other
than the fact that we're once again sitting in the
 middle of another arctic blast...what happened to
 global warming?

 The latest piece to be added as a download option
Heart of the Driftless .

   The early season in the Driftless opens in a couple
   weeks so in the mean time if you need a fix...hit the
    link below (and/or order the dvd) and enjoy!

     The download option includes footage that I cut together from some of the old
      footage as well as some new stuff I shot this past September. It's hard to believe
     that HOTD will turn four very soon.
 HOTD On Demand

   The Steelhead project is for the most part on hiatus
  though i'll be picking up the pace big time in
   March & April. However in the mean time i've
  been giving a few presentations here and there
  and most of the organizations have asked me to
 talk a bit about "Spey Daze".

 So I thought if i'm going to talk about it...might as well
show some footage. I've been farting around with a
couple minute "teaser footage" piece and i'm pretty happy
with it.

Point being, i'm probably going to drop it on the internet
sometime during the second week of March.

THIS IS NOT A TRAILER. There is a long haul yet to  go on this project and a proper
           trailer will eventually be done a year or so from now...thie teaser is just to get  
             the juices flowing so to speak.

              The next stop on the speaking tour will be at The Anglers Club of Chicago
               on March 12th. This is a lunch time gig and I believe the meeting is held
              at the Erie Cafe in Chicago...I think it's open to all so if you happen to be
              in the downtown area on the 12th pop on by...

               I'll be speaking and showing clips that will cover The River, Spey Daze and
 perhaps Cousin Joe if I need to fill time.

And as always...a HUGE thanks to all of you who purchased
            The River, any of the older titles and/or any
             of the downloads.
Honestly I can't thank you
 enough! Funding for these kind of projects is
tough to come by so in reality they are funded through the sales of dvd's
               and downloads.

Next up for a download option will be Summers. If all goes well i'd like to have
that one ready to go by the Michigan opener end of April. And as per usual
I'm going to dig back into the footage and pull together a few extra features.

It should be interesting to see what i can come up with...stay tuned!

I came across some footage that i forget about, i shot a few outings here and there
last season...mainly in July & August. I suppose one of these days i'll get around
to whacking that stuff together. It's mostly crappy footage from my dslr & GoPro
but I may be able to do something with it...and a majority is warm water, which
is very unlike me...

                        I also posted up a short fishing version of another
                     project i'm still working on. It's called "Cousin Joe"
                   and is a behind the scenes look at novice singer/
                  songwriter and his band recording their second
              record in a couple cabins on the banks of a NW
            Michigan river. I'm still working on the long version
         and will be for quite some time. It will eventually be
      released as a dvd companion to the eventual cd
release of the record. If you haven't seen it, hit the
   link below...

  Cousin Joe