First off a big thanks to all who have supported
 The River dvd. It's been available for four months
 and has already out sold the three previous dvd's.
  I thank you and The Anglers of the AuSable thank

  And the Anglers are going to need it because there
  are more shinanigans going on along the river
   corridor...it never ends.

   Anyway, here is a list of  Midwest shops that are currently
    carrying The River dvd. Keep in mind that every dvd
     sold in these shops benefit the Anglers of the AuSable
     as a portion of the proceeds goes directly to
     the organization so to me it's a win/win.

 Pere Marquette River Lodge (Baldwin, MI)
     Gates Lodge (Grayling, MI)
     Schultz Outfitters (Ypsilanti, MI)
     Old AuSable (Grayling, MI)
    Fullers NBOC (Lovells, MI)
    Three Forks Outfitters (Midland, MI)
   AuSable Anglers (Mio, MI)    
   Nomad Anglers
(Lansing/Grand Rapids, MI)
  RW Summers Rods (Traverse City, MI)
  Lunds Fly Shop (River Falls, WI)
Driftless Fly Fishing Company (Preston, MN)     
 Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters       

Flymart (Canada)

    And eventually various Orvis retail stores but that process
   is seeming to take forever...as it usually does.

So a HUGE thank you to all the Midwest shops
   in the above list that have helped me out.

  I'm headed up north tomorrow to spend a little over a week  at the
family cabin in NE Michigan...looking forward to that!

             On the way up we will stop and grab one more interview for current project
              i'm working on. This is the behind the scenes of the making of a record
              on the Jordan river that I spoke of last month.

              If all goes well i'll start cutting that in September and have it nailed by the end
              of January. It's not something i'm releasing, but at the very least hopefully
              I'll drop some kind of trailer out there on the interweeeeb.

              Beyond that there is the screen comp video that I still need to get to, I did
              shoot a little video while I was up at the cabin in July...that may turn into
              a very short, short.

           I also may try and shoot some fresh stuff up in the Driftless in Sept,
I plan to make The Heart of the Driftless a down load
           sometime in February and in addition to
             digging back into the original footage for
             some extra features...i'd like to have some
           footage that's a bit more current, hence shooting
in September...but we'll see, maybe I just want to fish!

Then, and though I said The River would be my last dvd project...there
might be something (or somethings) in the hopper. If everything falls
into place...meaning financing, I may start shooting something as early
as October for a 2016 release...bit we'll see.

So that's the poop at this point...see ya next month!