Once again I forgot about this blog page, if it can
even be considered a blog. Anyway, been a couple
 months since i've updated it. In reality probably best
 to check the FB page for more current posts...not
  that I do that a whole lot either, but a better shot
  at more current content for sure.

   I'm finally starting to sit down and sift through and
    organize the footage i've shot for Spey Daze up to this point.
    I hope to have all that completed by the time I leave
    for vacation in mid July. If that happens, the next order
     of business is to revisiting all the footage from
     The Brothers Brown and look to make that available
     as a download sometime in September/October.

      I've got a couple ideas for extra features, one of which I think might be
      interesting and that is to make available a version
     that contains a "directors commentary". With
    every piece i've done, there are always some
    interesting back stories, things that went right,
    things that went wrong...little behind the scene
   nuggets. Anyway, thinking about doing that and
   of course a handful of other goodies. So look for
   that sometime in early fall.

  In regards to Spey Daze, the plan was to use June
 thru mid Sept. to shoot a majority of the interviews
ranging from DNR types, to the scientific community,
historians, some economic folks and everything in
between. Needless to say i've been crunching some
serious miles collecting those...and still have a handful to go but at least
i'm ahead of the curve on that one.

Then come mid Sept/early Oct it's back to the grind and
i'll be revisiting WNY, steelhead alley, Ontario, Michigan and WI.
Hope the dvd does well because I fear i'm going to end up driving the fish truck
           into the ground...hope she makes it to spring of 2016!!

              I've picked up a number of goodies in terms of gear mainly lenses and such
              and i'm looking forward to putting them through their paces over the next  
              couple months. I have a few other purchases i'd like to pull the trigger
              on but we'll see how that goes...just can't blow my wad to early, I have  
               another year of shooting to finance, then the real bills start to come six
               months after that when it gets time to author &  replicate the dvd and
               license music.

              So while i'm in this psuedo down time, the good news is i've been able to
              fish a little...which is good. For the first time in two or three years I was able
              to fish the Hex hatch a couple nights last week...though I was probably a bit
              early at least i saw some bugs, had a fly rid in my hand instead of a camera
              and I was able to cast over a couple fish.


             I'm heading up to the family cabin in a couple weeks and though i have to
shoot a couple days, I see a number of outings in my future...both warm and cold

So that's the poop in the here and now...stay tuned.