Holy Christ...Labor Day weekend approaches.

 Good lord where does it go? So as per usual i'm a
 couple months removed from updating this so
 called blog thing, however...your not really missing

   I spent most of June thru early September gathering
    interviews that will be interspersed through out Spey Daze.
    The interviews ran the gamut from DNR, NOAA and USGS
    types to your garden variety charter captain(s)...
     and a few others in between. Hopefully i've covered
     most if not all the bases for the piece...but we'll see
     once I start to put it together six or so months from now.

     Now all that is left is to shoot the fall/winter run again and hope that mother
     nature cooperates because lord knows she
     threw us a number of curve balls last season...
     fingers crossed, but i do like getting another shot
    at it...not that we didn't get good stuff last year,
    but maybe, just maybe we'll get better stuff the
   second time around.

  As of now i'll hit Ontario at least once, maybe twice.
  There is a possibility of a north shore trip up to
 Superior, i'll be back out to western NY as well
 as a few days in "steelhead alley" and of course
 a day or two back in Michigan. And just for good
measures probably a few more days in WI but
probably in the spring. I see a lot of time behind the
wheel in my future...knock on wood the fish truck
makes it another year, she's getting old and tired!

I've also purchased a few more toys for this years round of shooting
mostly in the form of new lenses but i'm looking forward to putting
them through the rigors of a season on the river.

            However, i suppose the biggest news would be the drone....yes, I drank the  
               kool aid and yes I know i'm way behind the curve and yes I know
               that aerial footage is becoming passe (or near passe...at least i think it is)
               ...but I bought one anyways. I think the price point put me in that "why not"
               position. I have no experience with these things and probably well out of my
               comfort zone but hopefully i can figure out how to use it decently enough
               over the next month or so to work it into the mix come October. In reality   
               though, I do think it will up the production value of the piece a tad as long as
               the footage is used judiciously. Also, it's just nice to have it in the arsenal  
                moving forward...i've got some homework to do so we'll see. I plan to take  
               it with me to Michigan this weekend, hopefully i don't crash it
              right out of the box!!!

I just released another title to
VOD (Vimeo on Demand), I like to think this
       one was a fan favorite on the 2013 Fly Fishing
              Film Tour...at least that is what i was told by
            those in the know (or they were blowing smoke
            up my ass which is entirely possible as well)

At any rate
The Brothers Brown is now available for download consumption both as
a rental and/or purchase. I sifted through the footage and came up with a few
extras as well as a version of the full feature with director comments...
director being me. I get asked a lot about behind the scenes stuff and since
i've always enjoyed listening to directors comments on various theatrical
releases that I own on dvd, I thought it might be interesting to give
it a try. Hopefully folks will find amusing...or not.

So that's about it...if anybody should need me in the next month,
i'll be trying to learn how to fly a drone!