Holiday sale in full effect!! All the dvd's across
 the board are on sale, singular or as a combo.

  The bee's have also been buzzing lately lotso'
  stuff going on keeping me busy.

   I suppose first and foremost i must back track on
   proclamation that
The River was to be my last
   fly fishing dvd. Well, I did having another project in the back of my mind
    when out of the blue a different one dropped
    in my lap. The key to it was funding, actually the key
     to both was funding but this one seemed to get
     some immediate interest...so a project was (is) born.

     So the skinny is this, I was approached at the Michigan fly fishing show

      last year by author Rick Kustich about doing a Great Lakes steelhead
     piece. I put some thought to it while he knocked on
    a few manufactures doors to gage interest in helping
    fund the effort. The response was positive so
    mid October i found myself in the truck heading
    to Western New York to start shooting.

   The piece will be a broad stroke of steelhead
  fishing in the Great Lake tribs, specifically using a
  spey and/or switch rod, that ideally will stretch from
  WNY back thru steelhead alley to Michigan to include
 WI and Ontario. Ambitious for sure and not sure
 we'll cover it all but the effort will be there.

And as per usual with my stuff there will be a recreational, historical,
economic and conservation angle in the final product. Meaning, i'll
be in a fair amount of locations taking to a lot of different

I plan to continue shooting this winter, a bit this spring then
           again next fall, winter and start to put it together. If i feel we have enough
              it will be a late spring 2016 release, if we need more footage we may
               extend shooting into the spring of 2016 and look for a late 2016
                release...but as usual, a lot can happen between now and then.   

               Working title for the piece is
"Spey Day" of course that is subject to  
                change. The final product will end up in the form of a dvd but it might be a
                limited run. I'm leaning towards taking it right to a download but we'll see
               how that goes...again, a lot of time between now and then.

              Speaking of download, I mentioned in the last post that I shot some new
               footage this past September on a trip up to the Drifltess. I did start to cut
              that  stuff together and it looks like there will be three short bonus features
          totaling about a half hour that will be included when
Heart of the Drifltess is
released as a download hopefully some time after the first of the year. I also plan to go
            back thru the original footage and find
              some more goodies to include. In all I'd like to
             come up with a least 45 minutes of bonus
           material...but we'll see how that goes.

And last but certainly not least, right around Christmas i'm going to drop
a 20 minute short onto the interweeb. This is a "fishing" version of a
longer piece that I shot back in July of this year. It's a loooong story how
this all came together but it was a lot of fun to be apart of. I was hired for
this job so it's really not my project or anything i'm going to release.

The main project was to shoot a behind the scenes of an album being
recorded in a couple cabins, on a river up in NW Michigan. The two
principles of the piece, singer/songwriter & producer, are both avid
fly fisherman and if you've seen
The River, they may look familiar.

Anyway, they specifically recorded the album in the cabin because of
                 the river right out front and they specifically recorded in
                        early July because of what happens on that river out
                          front. It's a little may fly event called the hex. They
                     record by day and fish by night...pretty cool. This is
                      the second record they have recorded in this manner. I was
                    not there to shoot the first go 'round but was for the second album.
                They will be releasing the first cd (as either a cd or download....i think)
            each song will have an animated video (very cool stuff that i didn't do)
       and they plan to release one song a day for 12 days...and on the 13th
  day we will throw up the short behind the scenes film from the recording
of the second record which may be released in late 2015 or early

Anyway, much more about that project to come and i'm going to
start teasing it on my FB page in a few weeks.

The River dvd has finally made it into some of
 the Orvis retail locations...which is good. A friend
  was in the Milwaukee store recently and they were
  playing it in the store...so big thanks to them!!!

  Also huge thanks to the fly shops through out the Midwest
  who are also carrying it. Stop by and throw them a little
  support if you get a chance...

   Pere Marquette River Lodge (Baldwin, MI)
     Gates Lodge (Grayling, MI)
     Schultz Outfitters (Ypsilanti, MI)
     Old AuSable (Grayling, MI)
     Fullers NBOC (Lovells, MI)
    Three Forks Outfitters (Midland, MI)
    AuSable Anglers (Mio, MI)    
  Nomad Anglers (Lansing/Grand Rapids, MI)
   RW Summers Rods (Traverse City, MI)
   Lunds Fly Shop (River Falls, WI)
    Driftless Fly Fishing Company (Preston, MN)     
  Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters       
  Flymart (Canada)

 The above isn't all inclusive, these are the shops dealing directly
  with me. There could be more shops in the Midwest that are stocking
 the dvd but are purchasing through my distributors.