Well kids, it's been a helluva journey this past
 couple years working on this project. There were
 many highs and many more lows...these things
 have a way of beating you up, you wouldn't think
  that to be true but it is. Just so many things that
   you can't control and no shortage of times when
   I thought to myself "why the F' am i doing this?"
   "it would be so much easier if I just went fishing!"

    Well, I like to think the ends justified the means on this
    one. I finished the main trailer about a week ago
     and shortly there after threw it up on the web.
     I was pretty happy with it, thought it was fairly good,
     but had no idea it would get the response it has...
     pretty humbling.

      The Anglers of the AuSable launched a pre-sale
     a day after the trailer dropped and it's always
    a good thing when you get an email after the first
    day the simply says..."we sold the shit out it!"

    So i guess we're off to a good start...

   I got a bit of a surprise on Saturday, the buzzer
  rings and it's the FedEx guy...holy crap! The dvd's
  are here!! I was expecting them mid this week
 but excited all the same. It's hard to describe the
 feeling of opening up a box crammed with dvd's
 and actually touching this thing that has been in your
head for the better part of three years...it's a pretty cool
feeling and one that hasn't gotten old even the fourth time around...

I guess the whole thing will really hit me a couple weeks
from now, during the opener up in Grayling.

The Anglers of the AuSable are throwing a premier of the film at the Rialto Theater
            in down town Grayling. I think there will be a couple more official  
              announcements but this is what I know so far. I believe the doors will open
              at 7pm with the showing from 8-10pm. I believe there will be some raffle and
              giveaway items with all proceeds benefiting The Anglers. Now this is not my
              event, but I certainly plan on being there and I will have dvd's for sale.
               They will also be slightly cheaper as a one night only thing.
              The River will retail for $30 in shops/online and $35 for Blu Ray. I will have
              them at the theater for $25 & $30, again...a "premier special" I'll also have
              my other three dvd's with me as well in case anyone is interested in those.
               I will also say this, if you have the ways and means I would highly suggest
             the BluRay. I've always been disappointed with the quality of a standard
         dvd and wished people could see it the way i'm seeing it while i'm editing.
         Well, now you can...the BluRay is awfully close because
            after all, it is HD. And in reality, though it is
             more expensive...the margins is lower on it
             then the standard dvd.

           So anyway, just something to keep in mind if your contemplating a purchase.
Also, keep in mind that with every dvd sold, a portion of the proceeds goes to
The Anglers as well...so it's a win-win.

If all goes well i plan to make the dvd's available thru this site on the 23rd or 24th
and they will be available at select shops through out Michigan on the
opener. As of right now those shops are:

                                                                     Fullers NBOC
                                                                     Old AuSable
                                                                     Gates Lodge
                                                                     Nomad Anglers    

                                               With more to be added soon...

                         I've also started to make some of the older content
                      available as Digital Downloads thru VOD (Vimeo on Demand)
                    At this point I have both Night of the Hex and Musky Coutry available.
                  If all goes well I'll have Reverb available by the end of April. I'm currently
                digging through the interview footage and coming up with some extras
             not available on the HOTD dvd. I'm going to slant those extras more towards  
          the music end of things and less on the fishing because truth be told
    I want to market the download more to the music crowd, which was tough
 to do as a special feature on the dvd. Then hopefully 3 to 4 months from
now I'll make HOTD available...and once again, find some extra features.