What a shit show year it has been! I will not be
disappointed to see 2020 come to a close.

 I'm hoping for a better 2021 but i'm not sure what that
 looks like at this point.

  I picked up a new camera in Jan of this year, which
   was good...so i needed something to break it in
     so why not a new project? I know...i was
     supposed to be done creating these things two
   projects ago...and here we are!

    Anyway, safe to assume this is the last one...truely.

    I think i've covered all the bases i want to cover and
     this next project kind of takes it back full circle to
     where it all started.

    I don't really want to say much more about at
   this point...except that starting to shoot a
   project in a global pandemic probably wasn't
   the best idea...but again, here we are!

   Also...i know for a fact that this one will be
  available as a streaming option only...no dvd!

 Which is kind of sad but viewing habits have
 changed. I would loved to have had all my
 titles as a physical product...but it just doesn't
make sense...so streaming it is!!

And it does make my life a lot easier...so there's that.

Speaking of dvds...there ain't much left so i'm just about
out of that business as well. I'm down to Spey Daze and
a handful of Summer Haze.

And what doesn't sell will go to the dumpster...so get them before the garbage
man does!!!

                    I probably won't revisit this blog until sometime next year so until              
                     then...stay safe!!!