So I said I was going to shut the blog end of things
down, and for all intensive purposes I have, but with
 the recent release of Spey Daze I figured i'd throw
  up one more post...can't say there will be a second
  but you never know.

   So...Spey Daze is out on dvd and be ordered off this
    site or by now hopefully it's sitting on some shelves
    of your local fly shop and/or retailer.

   If your in Michigan you can find it at Gates Lodge,
  on the eastern side, Schultz Outfitters down south
     & D-Loop Outfitters on the west side. In Chicago
   head to Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters and In Wisconsin
   check out Tight Lines in DePere. The distributors now
    have the dvd so hopefully it's starting to spread eastward
  and up into Canada.

  Spey Daze is a big ask in regards to the viewer
    because it is long, really long. I have to believe
   I just made the longest fly fishing film...ever. I'm
not saying i'm proud of that...it just kind of happened.

  However, it's more than just a fishing film, it's a
  pretty thorough look at the GL fishery and not
  just from a steelhead perspective. The film also
 takes a look at some of the issues the lakes them
selves have been dealing with from their past to their
present as well as many side trips along the way.

I can guarantee you there has never been a steelhead film, especially
in regards to the GL's, that has taken such an in depth look at
the fishery.

To keep up with all other things Spey Daze on a more updated basis...hit the link   

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