I got back earlier this week after spending the better
part of a week and half up in NW Michigan shooting
a project. I was a hired gun on this one so it's nothing
I'll be releasing. It was however, one of the cooler
side projects i've done. I'm as much a music freak,
probably more so, than I am a fly fishing freak.

  It's a long story how this all came to be but i'm
 documenting a "behind the scenes" of a record being
 recorded in a couple cabins on the Jordan River.

  I licensed three songs from this persons first record,
   also recorded in the cabins, and used them in the
   main River feature.

   I have a couple more days of shooting later in the month to get the over dub
   and mix sessions then i'll spend the next couple months
   putting it together. These guys are also avid
  fly fisherman so once the days recording was done,
  guitars were replaced by fly rods and the evening
  Hex chase would begin.

 The music end of things went much better then the
 fishing. I think we were a little to early for the section
of river the cabin was on. We had hex most every
night but not in the numbers we needed. We got some
fish and we got some footage, just not quite what I had
hoped for. Oh well, no re-shoot on this one!

Anyway, I think the whole project once done will culminate
with a crowd sourcing campaign of some type sometime in 2015.

While i was out of town the latest issue of This is Fly
hit the internet and they were kind enough to give The
River project a few pages of face time...hit the link below.

  This is Fly

            I was also alerted today that The Drake Magazine is having a readers
            vote for their favorite fly fishing film/dvd of this year. I guess they must
            nominate the films because I knew nothing about this and The River
            ended up in the list. So i guess thank you to them for including me...
            You can check it out below and if you feel so inclined...feel free to give
            the Midwest some love.

  The Drake magazine

              I think it's time sensitive so vote early and vote often!!!

Here is a list of  Midwest shops that are currently
carrying The River dvd. Keep in mind that every dvd
sold in these shops benefit the Anglers of the AuSable
as a portion of the proceeds goes directly to
the organization so to me it's a win/win.

                                    Pere Marquette River Lodge
(Baldwin, MI)
                                    Gates Lodge (Grayling, MI)
                                    Schultz Outfitters (Ypsilanti, MI)
                                    Old AuSable (Grayling, MI)
                                    Fullers NBOC (Lovells, MI)
                                    Three Forks Outfitters (Midland, MI)
                                    AuSable Anglers (Mio, MI)    
                                    Nomad Anglers
(Lansing/Grand Rapids, MI)
                                    RW Summers Rods (Traverse City, MI)
                                    Lunds Fly Shop (River Falls, WI)
                                   Driftless Fly Fishing Company (Preston, MN)     
                                    Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters

                  So a HUGE thank you to all the Midwest shops
                   in the above list that have helped me out.