As per usual, it's taken a couple months for any kind
of an update...and because of that I think it's time
to shut down this poor excuse of a blog page.

 I just really haven't warmed up to social media
 all that well and quite frankly it's much easier to
  whip together a quick update on the FB page then

   I didn't really have an end game when I created this
   little spot on the web and i had no idea where it was
   going to take me, but in short...it's been a great ride.

    I had no idea when I started fly fishing in 2004 it would
    lead me to this...whatever this is.

    At anyrate...it's time to wind things down.

   I'm starting to phase out selling dvd's. Unless
   something crazy happens
The River (at least the
   standard version) is now out of print however there
  are a few copies available in Bluray...but not many.
  I decided to let The River go sooner than expected,
 not because it's not selling, it did...more so than any
 other dvd i've released. I did it because the other
three titles (Hex, Z2H & HOTD) are all very light on
inventory as well... so it made sense.

 I would venture to guess that
Z2H would be next to
go because I think there are less than 30 or so copies
left. HOTD will take a bit longer but I could see
that one hitting the end of the road within a year.

I do plan on releasing
Spey Daze on dvd...standard at least
and perhaps Bluray but will see on the latter. However it works, it may
be a small limited run and once those are gone i'll flip it to a download.
That's the plan anyway...

            I'll eventually get The River to a download but that may take awhile...hopefully
             within the next year, but with Spey Daze standing in the way who knows.

             I still have some shooting to do in the spring but if all goes well hopefully
             I'll have something ready to go in time for Christmas...but again, I don't want
             to hedge my bets.

             This may be one of the last post i make here...so if your interested in
             keeping tabs on the progress of Spey Daze...best to hit the FB link below.

              Thanks again for your support, it's been a great ride...
                                                        and it ain't over just yet!!!

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