So hard to keep up with this blog thing. It's been
a couple months, obviously i'm not real good
(or real into) this social media stuff...but I get it.

The River dvd has finally made it into some of
  the Orvis retail locations...which is good. A friend
   was in the Milwaukee store recently and they were
   playing it in the store...so big thanks to them!!!

   Also huge thanks to the fly shops through out the Midwest
    who are also carrying it. Stop by and throw them a little
     support if you get a chance...

   Pere Marquette River Lodge (Baldwin, MI)
     Gates Lodge (Grayling, MI)
     Schultz Outfitters (Ypsilanti, MI)
     Old AuSable (Grayling, MI)
     Fullers NBOC (Lovells, MI)
     Three Forks Outfitters (Midland, MI)
     AuSable Anglers (Mio, MI)    
   Nomad Anglers (Lansing/Grand Rapids, MI)
   RW Summers Rods (Traverse City, MI)
   Lunds Fly Shop (River Falls, WI)
   Driftless Fly Fishing Company (Preston, MN)     
  Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters       
  Flymart (Canada)

The above isn't all inclusive, these are the shops dealing directly
with me. There could be more shops in the Midwest that are stocking
the dvd but are purchasing through my distributors.

While i'm on the subject of dvd's. I went up to the Driftless
for a few days in September. I brought one of my cameras
along and we shot some footage that i'm going to cut together and release
as part of the
Heart of the Driftless download that I hope to have available in  
            February. I'm also going to dig back into the original footage and see what
              other goodies I can come up with for the download. I've gotten a TON of
              emails the past couple years as to when
HOTD would be available as a
               download (and the chance to see it in HD) so rest assured...it's coming and
               like I said, with some new footage shot a couple months ago.

               And wait....there's more!!!

              Some of the dvd's are getting old and it's time to blow out some inventory
              of which there isn't a whole lot left. If I was to be honest it may be time to get
              out of the dvd business, they are an expensive pain in the ass to deal with...
              downloads are so much easier. So sometime in the next couple weeks
              I'm going to start the "holiday" sale and slash the price of ALL the dvd's
              across the board...so keep an eye out for that.

            I'm currently attempting to whip something
             together for the Fly Fishing Film tour but i'm
            not sure if it's going to fly or not. The project
            really isn't "mine", I was a hired gun and we shot it back in July. It's more of a
music piece with a slight fly fishing angle to it, but when the tour hit me up asking
whether or not I would have something for this years tour...it got me thinking, which
is never good and usually creates more work for myself.

Anyway, It was never shot to be a fishing film so there in lies the challenge.
So we'll see if the tour bites once it's done...if not no biggie, it will go back
to it's original intent which was to be a companion dvd to the music cd
once the artist releases it.

Also, I had said all along that
The River would be my last FF dvd...well,
I might be wavering on that a bit. A couple things might be in motion so
we'll see how it all does (or doesn't) fall into place...

                           A writer friend of mine wrote a piece on another
                         friend of mine who is a boat builder/guide and he
                      was kind enough to invite me into the proceedings....

 Check it here...enjoy.

                                                    More next month...hopefully.