RIP Clive Burr
drummer Iron Maiden '79-'82
I know I'm late on this one, but a huge loss for the the Metal world. I had just found out
about 6 months ago that he was suffering from MS but things obviously took a turn
for the worse and he died in his sleep March 12th due to complictions.

I bought
Maiden Japan when I was in junior high and it blew me away. Honestly
I bought it because of the cover art and it was in the $4.99 cut out bin at a record
store in Benton Harbor, Michigan. I absolutley flipped for that record then circled
back around and bought the first record, the self titled
Iron Maiden then for my taste
the best Maiden album
Killers. I know a lot of people will say Number of the Beast, but for me I really liked the Paul Di'Anno years of Maiden.

I kind of fell out of touch with the band after
Power Slave but have since picked up a
handful of the newer records. They still don't match the magic and power of the early stuff (at least for my tastes) but I have nothing but respect for the band and the career they have had. Also, if you ever get a chance to see
Iron Maiden: Flight 666, it's a fantastic documentary on the band.
And I suppose that would be a nice segue into a couple music based Tv shows that
I REALLY love and try not to miss an episode of either...God bless the DVR!!!

The first is
That Metal Show. I am an unabashed 80's metal head, hair bands and all.
I still love the stuff, as a matter of fact, two recent cd purchases (yes, i still buy cd's!!)
were Accepts "Blood of Nations", which by the way is RIDICULOUSLY good and the latest release "Stalingrad" also very good.

Anyway, I love the show and they always have great guest from both the current metal and hard rock scene as well as those from the good old days. I also like that they have a guest guitar player and/or drummer that sits in as the "house" band every week.

Anyway, if you haven't seen it...check it out on VH1 Classic.
The other show that i have really come to like and is at the extreme opposite of That Metal Show is Live From Daryls House. This is Daryl Hall from Hall & Oates.

It's a pretty cool concept for a show. He has this estate somewhere in Upstate NY or rural Connecticut...basically somewhere out in the east coast. Anyway, he's converted part of the house into a studio and he brings in musicians and/or bands to set up and play a few of their tunes, a few of Daryls tunes and/or Hall & Oates tunes.

There is generally also a very loose chat session with the band and/or artist around a dinner or lunch. I just like it because it's fairly well done, I like the concept and of course I'm a huge music geek so I'll watch anything to do with that. It's also nice because many of the artist on the show have been unknowns to me...I guess i like his music tastes and sensibilities because each artist on the show that I didn't know, I've liked.

I mean there has certainly been the "known" artists (Joe Walsh, Goo Goo Doll, Butch Walker, Grace Potter, Train etc) but I really like the unknowns.

Anyway, check it out. I find it on a channel (and probably my favorite channel) called's nothing but music, 24 hours, 7 days.
RIP Andy Johns
recording engineer extraorinaire
Along with his brother Glyn, the brothers Johns were a force in the
recording industry in the 70's and 80's. Andy worked with a who's who
of acts in his hey day; Blind Taith, Tull, Traffic, Humble Pie, Mott the Hoople, Clapton, Free and the list goes on and on.

He engineered the Stones "Exile on Mainstreet", argueably one of the top
10 rock records of all time. I believe he also engineered every Zeppelin record except for two, including my favorite album "Physical Graffiti"

In recent years (or somewhat recent years)  he produced Van Halen's
"For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge", numerous records for Satriani and even
one for Eric Johnson. Both he and his brother were legends in my book
and unfortunately with the state of the music business being what it is today, there will more than likely not be another like Andy or Phil Ramone who also recently passed. It's a shame but they have both given us a
legacy of incredible music that will live on...
Sad news out of Australia (by way of New York) this morning, Christina Amphlett,
the singer for the Divinyls died this morning from complications of both breast
cancer and MS. I went through a period in the early 80"s where I was really
into, what we called at the time, "new wave" music...and the Divinyls played
a big roll in that experience. My buddy in junior high had an older brother,
the cool older brother, that was REALLY into music and he was the one
that would feed our ears with all sorts of cool and interesting bands that we're
popping up in that early to mid eighties scene. I remember him playing us the
"Desperate" album...unbelieveable. I eventually snooped around and found the
"Monkey Grip" EP and then picked up "What a Life" when it was released
a couple years later. Chrissy was an amazing and theatrical front good
as there was back in the day, and every bit as controversial as Madonna would
become a few years later. I kinda lost touch with them as the years went by.
I know they had the big record and hit with "I Touch Myself" but honestly by that time
I had moved on to other musical taste. However, those early records left a great
impression on me. I haven't listen to a Divinyls records in probably 15 to 20 years.
I may have to dig one out tonight and give it a spin for old times sake.
Man this one hurts and just a complete shock because I had no idea he was dealing with
cancer issues. Where do I begin with the Doors. I guess it would be "
The Soft Parade"
record. I found this in my parents record collection when I was about 10 years old. It was then I also discovered Joan Baez, Joe Cocker, The Rascals, Mamas and Papas...all in that same record collection. The Doors record was interesting and did contain the hit "Touch Me" but if I was honest, it took me a little time to warm up to it. It was really about four or five years later
when I got my hands on "Absolutley Live" that I really started to get into them...and boy when I
did I was all in. I picked up
"Strange Days" followed by "Morrison Hotel" then over time
picked off the rest of the cataloge including the spoken album
"An American Poet" which
really wasn't a doors record per say but there was some band involvement.

I used to have a great Doors poster in my room as a kid. It looked like the shot was taken
at a studio, perhaps during a recording session. I loved that poster. I also had the lyrics to the
song "The End" written on my closet door...I stared at those for years. 

I just watched "the Doors live at the Greek Theater" about tow weeks ago on Paladia.
I had seen it before it was probably 15 years ago sinice i last saw it. I think what struck me this time was how young Jim Morrison really was and how good of a live band they were.
If you have not had a chance to see this so. Obviously I never had a chance
to see the original band live but I did get a chance to see them as
"The Doors of the 21st Century" probably four or five years ago. This is the tour
where they had Ian Astbury from The Cult singing. Unfortunately John Densmore opted
out of that tour so I never got a chance to see him. I did also catch Robby Krieger a few years ago as part of the "Experience" tour...which paid tribute to the music of Jimi Hendrix.

Anyway, with the passing of Manzarek another "legend" of the music world is gone...and with it
he takes the music of the Doors with him. I suppose he and Jim have a lot of catching up to do!
Ray Manzarek
1939 - 2013
"The Punk Rock Poet"
Lou Reed
1942 - 2013