Musky Country: Zero 2 Hero trailer
Full feature 49 minutes + over 60 minutes of extras + Dolby 5.1 surround
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I have watched the film easily ten times!! It's a wonderful fishing film with great camera work, great color and great action.
However, it's the development of Brads character that makes the film special to me. It's just so honest and there fore
wonderful in that regard. You show him and the rest of the musky tribe living fully, totally, in the moment. Eckart Tolle
would be pleased!

Thank you,
John Norieka
All I can say is WOW!!! Musky Country is a must see! It's just a super film all the way around. Brad and Brian are very
interesting and knowledgeable guides that had me waiting what they might say or do next.. it always helps to have great
subjects and you nailed just about everything with this DVD and the extra features are great as well. Congrats on the
film, now hang on and enjoy the ride!

Doug Korn
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Z2H was named best DVD at the 2011 IFTD show in New Orleans!!
Musky Country is spectacular!! and congrats on getting it into the film festival. This is top notch work, thanks for letting
me get a peak at the dvd. It made my day on this snowy afternoon and I'd like to get it into our retails stores asap.

Tom Rosenbauer
Orvis, Inc.
We're talking an excellent DVD here about a kind of fishing we don't see very often and not least letting us get very
close to the people doing it. This is in essence a portrait of two anglers telling about their relationship to the toothy
musky. This film takes the person-centic approach and that is a good thing. We're in Wisconsin following two anglers,
Brad Bohen and Brian Porter chatting and fishing. Robert Thompson, the man behind the camera thanks them in the
end credits saying "thanks for letting me into your world" and we as viewers should do the same, because through
some great interviews and excellent fishing action beautifully captured by Thompson,  we get an insight into the lives of
two musky junkies. This whole dvd has a lot of attitude and that is not a bad thing. 5 out of 6 stars.

Martin Joergensen
Global Flyfisher
Wow! from the opening sequence to the flask at the end...beautifully shot, great use use of light and the music is
awesome!. The only thing that could make this film better, and only maybe...IMAX!!! Thanks for the great watch!!!

Scott Platt
Kansas City
Thanks for producing such an excellent film as Z2H, I've been enthralled since I received it yesterday. I really have
no words to describe how good this documentary is. I've had the pleasure of fishing with both Brad & Brian and I can't
wait for my next trip up to Musky Country. Thank you!!!

Ron Smith
Ames, IA
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