Wilmette Theater
1122 Central Ave
Wilmette, IL
Wed, May 1st 2013
doors open 7pm, show starts 8pm
$12 advanced
$15 via tour site
     $15 day of show
(if available)
We are VERY close to a sellout. If there are any tickets at the door it won't be many.
Currently the Film Tour site has 1 maybe 2, Chifly has 15 (with a few on hold) and I have
5 (with a few on hold). What is left will be available at the door...this as of 3pm Wed.

I just received a generous box of goodies from Scientific Anglers (SA)...it's just
short of a small fly shop worth of product. There will be many fly boxes and lines
(I'm guessing upwards of $1,000 worth) given away. I've got lines from 3wt to 8wt.
Shark Skin, GPX, Mastery Series...no shortage of casting goodness.

I got a shipment from Orvis Corporate yesterday, it was like X-mas. Unfortunately not
everything shipped was for the tour show...but i got some great stuff, H2 hats, shirts,
back packs, sling packs, stickers etc...also got a couple H2 rods, but those are for the project.
But who knows, if I do a show next year maybe I'll raffle one of them off.

My buddy Thad Robison (AEG/Geofish) is sending a couple of their latest dvd
GEO Fish Vol. 1...so a couple folks will go home with those.

Also Nomad Anglers out of Michigan is sending a care package. I can tell you this,
this swag pile might be the biggest and best yet. I'm going to have to double and triple up
on the items just to get rid of them so we're not there for an hour drawing names...
that's a good problem to have so thanks to all who contibuted...and there is still
more on the way...stay tuned!!!

Bad Axe Designs will have a display in the lobby area of the theater. They are
the creators of some very cool and very funky art and apparel all with a "fishy angle".

Flying Pig Fly Rods will also be there showing off their new Driftless Series rod. Trust me
when i say you probably haven't seen a rod quite like these!

                                   Eric from DG will  be there with product on hand, some cool goodies
                                to give away and rumor has it he will be both raffling off and giving
                           away a few boxes of cigars...and these are not cheap cigars!!!

I also rounded up a great blues player by the name of
Keith Scott, he is an avid fly
fisherman and he will be performing on the stage prior to the film showing.

I'm also still in the process of hunting down more give away items for this years show.
So far the cast of characters includes:
Orvis, Badaxe Designs, Costa,
The Cedar Sweeper Magazine,Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters, Simms,
Gates Lodge, Nomad Anglers, Flying Pig Fly Rods, SA, Fiberglass Manifesto,
Double Gun Cigars, Sharptail Media, GeoFish, FishPorn, LL Bean, Old Ausable Fly Shop,
Patagonia, Montana Fly Company, F3t, TU & Abel...
with hopefully more to come!

There will be a couple chances to win complete rod set-ups.

#1) an Orvis 9' 8wt  Helios w/ Hydros reel
and sink tip line ($1,180 retail value). This is one of two rods that
were used in the production of my
Brothers Brown piece in this years show.

#2) An 8' 4"  3/4wt Flying Pig Driftless Series rod with a custom Abel reel and SA GPX line.
Online purchase: Fly Fishing Film Tour site
local tickets also available at:  Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters
                                               Dan's Tackle Service
above is crowd reaction to the final minutes of my Musky Country piece at the 2011 sold out show in Missoula, MT
Local discount $12 tickets can also be ordered below
I will take on-line orders up to April 30th.
Here is the other Helios rod being put
to good use on some Bonita and Torro
in Mazatlan, Mexico in mid January.

Both rod and reel, though put to the
test, handled these fish beautifully.

It's a great salt rod, a great streamer
rod and a great steelhead rod!

(click on pic for larger view)